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1st Studio Open Day...

January 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Ok so Sunday Blog Day - Didn't quite happen last week and a little late today but here is it.

Today (Sunday) Saw the 1st Sunday open day for OxfordRoadStudio. Thankfully it was a good day! Today saw a mixture of a couple of 1st time models and one thats done a few shoots before.

Thankfully I am getting better at directing poses clearly without embarrassing myself by trying to imitate the position i am failing to describe! Although its a good icebreaker in the awkward 1st 15 mins of any 1st time shoot.

1st up was some fairly energetic kickboxing sparring and shadow boxing to create some clean images for advertising and social media promotion for a local instructor, it was great fun got some pretty nice shots and I think she went away happy...

Then my 1st No show of the day... Oh the pain of a no show! Still thankfully marketing and photo editing whiled away the time till Lauren arrived, well I went to pick her up after she text saying to check times and warn me she was walking! In the rain... So off I popped to pick her up. 

We used a really simple 2 light Beauty set-up with a pair of our Godox QS-300 heads, a large Beauty Dish and diffuser screen on top and a small gridded softbox on the bottom to create an 70/30 clamshell lighting set metering to F11 on the key light and F8 on the fill. The results where superb! We grabbed a great set of images in a very short time! 

Next time round I will get a video on the set-up, metering and kit, as well as some accompanying before and after edits of key shots. For the time being I have a few shoots to edit...

Last up after a visit from some friends and a social coffee (ignoring the 2nd No SHOW, and the dropping back home of Lauren so she didn't get drenched) The smiley and bubbly 1st time model Lucy arrived, with a concerned boyfriend (who I think enjoyed watching) After some small talk it was right to business with a lingerie set and finally a few beauty shots at the end. I have chosen one of hers as the feature image for today. 

More to follow, no major progress on any build ideas yet! BUT with the studio open every other Sunday there will be a lot more content to share.


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